As always, my reading was fantastic. She knew things that were impossible for her to know. It's like talking to your best friend, if your best friend could give really good, solid advice. I am a repeat customer. Thank you!'

- Mary D, Rhode Island


'Genuine and caring. I love her! Her service are truly one of a kind!'

-Victoria L, Arizona


'She is highly recommended! Very spot-on reading. The best out there.'

-Andrew, California


'Great reading. Very prompt and accurate. (She knew about something I didn't even mention!) Thank you!'

-Anna B, Nevada


'Fantastic reader, very talented. Wonderful, positive advice. A true light worker that gives you hope.'

Sarah B, United Kingdom


'Mama Em amazes me every single time. My phone readings usually run over my allotted time, but she stays with me until she's given me the information I need! - Shelby P - Oregon


'She blows me away every time. I've had instances where I've said there was no way she could be right, and then had to message her to apologize and tell her what she said would happen, did! I love this woman.'

Christine P - Alaska


'I turned to Mama Em, broken and distraught after another reader charged me $1500 and told me I was cursed and needed several $300 sessions to fix it. Mama Em sat me down free of charge, dried my tears, made me some tea, and we talked it out. I left with sage and some other items she gifted me, reassured I was not cursed, and feeling exponentially better. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found her.'

Name Withheld By Request - Nevada

I have been going crazy with this latest problem in my life and I'm not one to let things take up space in my head for too long. So, when I finally decided I couldn't make myself crazy anymore from having to deal with this completelyon my own, I reached out to [Mama Em} for a card reading and HOLY S$%#! This woman is good!!!!! She is incredibly in tune!! I don't know if ya'll know me but my ass don't be asking for no card readings lol All this to say, if you've ever been curious, give her a try. Woman is next level woke! I feel 100% better and I know EXACTLY what I need to do next. Thank you so much Emily!!!

Estela, California

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