Pinky and The Brain

I have compared my kids to Pinky and The Brain as far back as I can remember. Hope is taller and skinnier, and soooo much goofier than her brother. She's insanely smart, and uses her sense of humor and sarcasm to worm her way out of trouble with me whenever she can. Ray is shorter, stockier, and like a little old man trapped inside a 10 year old boy's body. He's not easily excited, has a frowny face a lot of the time, even when he's secretly enjoying the situation, and tries to outsmart me (keyword: TRIES) whenever possible. I'm pretty relaxed in my practices of worship, so to make things easier on everyone, when we are getting together as a family, I'll often just loop my holiday celebrations in with what is commonly practiced. So while Eostre/Ostara was a few days prior, we did everything together with my Catholic in-laws on Easter Sunday. I always tell the kids, it's not the specific date that is important, it's the feeling of sharing a celebration with the ones you love. Here's Pinky and The Brain, moments before the great egg hunt of 2021... that lasted entirely too long because the three grownups who hid the eggs (including me), forgot where they were. Oops. LOL xoxo Mama Em

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