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Need some extra funds in your life? A DIY Spell Kit is a great way to custom tailor spellwork to your unique, individual situation. Each kit is specially crafted using only the finest organic herbs designed to bring in an influx of funds to use where needed. This spell will not help you with a lottery windfall, as spellcraft dictates to only do work to bring in what you need without being greedy. This is designed to bring in the funds needed for a special occasion, emergency, necessity, or to pay bills on time. Your kit also contains 2-3 (depending on size) blessed spell candles to burn during the work, tips and tricks on putting your own energy into the work to make it stronger, a keepsake charm to help remind you to keep your intention moving forward to keep the spell working, and a step-by-step instruction guide scroll. Each kit comes with enough supply to use up to three times. These DIY kits come in many different forms, and ribbons/charms/candle colors may vary from photo. Need something custom tailored to a special situation? Just ask!

DIY Spell Kit - Money Drawing

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