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This is the perfect reading choice for when you just need some quick insight. A simple yes or no answer, with a very brief explanation. ***This is NOT an in-depth, lengthy reading like my other listing options. ***


Q. Am I going to do well in my review at work tomorrow?

A. Yes! Keep in mind that there will be good and bad points brought up in this review, so don't get discouraged when the reviewer starts talking about some issues they want to address. But the overall outcome is great! Congrats!


Quick, simple, to the point. 


Upon purchasing this reading, you'll receive a receipt in your email. Text your receipt/order number to: (302)46-WITCH



Please allow up to 2 hours for a response (life happens), though most questions will be answered immediately. 


This listing allows for ONE text question, with ONE text answer. 


Texts without a valid receipt/order number will not be answered.


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